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Saturdays are important because this is the only day that you get to unplug from the long work week. It is on Saturday when you get to break your regular routines, and you run the day the way that you want.

However, here is the thing- if your Saturdays are not well planned in advance they could change from being very enjoyable into something disappointing or boring. 

So you need ideas, and once you have a few, you can start spreading them around the upcoming Saturdays. The key point is that you have to plan in advance on what you will do every Saturday – do this before Saturday arrives! 

This way, you will not end up wasting time doing random things like spending money on spontaneous shopping because you got bored.

Interesting Productive Things To Do On Saturday

Getting ideas on how to be productive on a Saturday can be a challenge. Have this in mind as much as you may want so you can relax in your spare time. 

It is equally important to do things that will help you to succeed in life with your extra time, as time waits for no one. So, when choosing ideas on what to do on Saturday, please be wise.

Plan your meals ahead.

If there a good day to plan what meals you will have next week, then Saturday is the day! However, the thing with meal planning is that it’s not for everyone.

So, if you are one of those people who feel like planning meals is too much work. 

You could consider using services like $5 Meal Plan, or HelloFresh they do all the work for you.

  • For $5 per month, they suggest meals and recipes and they even send it over with a grocery list of all the items you will need. Do you want to see how they do it? Here is a 14 day trial of $5 Meal Plan.
  • Alternatively, you can try HelloFresh they provide menus for you to choose from, and then deliver fresh groceries right to your doorstep with a delicious recipe to follow.  There are many menu options, from vegetarian to gluten-free. It’s entirely up to you and what floats your boat.

So you can use this time to either plan your meals or have them planned for you.

Even though it’s a Saturday, this is also a good time to,

Find ways to improve your finances.

For instance, you could look into doing some simple tasks you while getting paid to do them! Here are some examples of how you can make some extra income during your free time.

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Clean out your purse.

It’s crazy how much stuff can accumulate in our purses! Before you start each week, clean up all the mess in your purse. Get things in order.

Start removing all your old receipts, find a home for all the jingling loose change (hint,) this is a great time to add to your piggy bank!

Do whatever you need to do in order to make your purse sparkling clean and ready for the week ahead!

Declutter one room for an hour every Saturday.

There is always clutter somewhere, and the best way to avoid it from piling up is doing a bit at a time. Little can go a long way! Start with the room that you use the most. Is it your bedroom? Start with your clothes and shoes. 

Take a look at what you don’t wear anymore and sell them to Thredup, eBay or you could even donate them. Or maybe it’s time to tidy up the living room? 

Where you might still have old DVDs (or even VHS!), you no longer need or can use. In fact, some of your old unwanted DVDs can be turned into money instantly.

With websites like MusicMagpie (UK) or Declutrr, you can sell your items instead of recycling. All you need to do is create a list and ship for free. Next, all you have to do is wait for the check to come in!

 So the key point is decluttering one room at a time, for one hour every Saturday.

Surround yourself with positive vibes.

This is the one day that you really need do have affirmations or inspirational, positive talks to listen to as you do other things.

Especially now that it is on a Saturday and you’re just at home and not planning to go somewhere take advantage of that time and let you be filled up with positivity as you get ready for next week.

Here are two free audio affirmations to download and listen to (limited time giveaway).

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Take a challenge.

Choose one activity that challenges you a little bit. It also should be an idea that at one point in your life, you’ve told yourself, “hmmm one day I would love to try and do that”, that one – go for that!

For example, if you hate cooking, you could one Saturday say, “I will try and cook something and not get delivery!”. Or it could be anything you like, be creative! Check out more ideas here in this post.

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Get laundry done.

Things like bed sheets or towels are hard to wash during the week, so its best if you wash them on a Saturday then air dry or hang them up to save money on electricity bills.

Organise your house a little bit

Don’t overdo it! Just organize bits and pieces at a time. You can start by simply placing things where they are supposed to be or hang things back up properly in your closet.

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Clean up your always on the GO gadgets.

Your phone, watch, iPads, laptops. These gadgets collect tons of dirt, and honestly, there is no time to clean them every day. However, there is no excuse for finding one day a week to do it – like Saturday!

By using special electronic wipes like these ones, they will help in cleaning them appropriately without damaging them.

Remember to,

Take some rest

And do one thing you love as well. This could be a little nap, watch something for yourself, it is whatever you would like to do! All I need is a happily refreshed you. I even have over 40 ideas here, just in case you run of ideas. I call this time, self-care time.

It is essential to, See how you have been…

Spending your finances on weekly bases.

This will help you avoid going broke in between paycheques and as well as finding different ways to cut down expenses on unnecessary items.  Have a read of this post and see different ways you can save money without sacrificing the things you love.

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Find a hobby.

Saturday is a great day for side projects you don’t usually have time to do. For instance, one of my hobbies is answering online surveys with a website called Swagbucks!

I enjoy doing it and I feel great if I can help companies in need know how consumer products are working and even better if I receive some extra pocket money like $350(US) at most $500 (US) Per Month.

Of course, there are weekends when I don’t feel like answering surveys, and I do other things online, *like watching funny YouTube clips. So, whatever project you have as a hobby, go for it!

Closing thoughts On Things To Do on Saturday.

That is all on the list. I hope you have found some ideas that are practical and you can start right away this Saturday.

Just take one step at a time, introducing too many ideas at once too quickly may be overwhelming, rather than fun. Just remember that a little bit can go a very long way.

You may also want to see read on productive things to do on Sunday for a super productive week ahead!

Lounging around with wondering what to do Saturdays? We're changing that. Click on the post to quick read things to do alone on a Saturdays|things to do at home|things to do when bored things to do alone|things to do on the weekend. #weekend #Saturday #sunday #thingstodowhenbored #productivethingstodo

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