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Let's be honest here, sometimes having routines suck! Especially morning routines, not to mention that you might also not be a morning person like me!

Hear this; I can't even mention the number of times in the past that I‘ve failed in my simple basic routines.  You see, we all hate rules… even the rules we set for ourselves. We still hate them. The reason? I have no idea.

Today, you are here because you want to get some ideas on how to create a morning routine that for once… will actually stick! The reason I'm calling them ideas is since we all have different goals, schedules, and life situations.

Meaning, not all my ideas will fit into your morning routine, but at least you will have an idea of what you can replace with from your schedule that will make sense. The key here is to learn what ideas to put in your morning routine that will be easy and fun to follow.

But let's try and refresh our minds,

what exactly is a morning routine?

I like to define a morning routine as the practice of regularly doing things in a fixed order, every morning.

Facts about creating a morning routine.

You don't need a lengthy routine. You just need something that helps you set your mind on what you want to focus on for the day, and get your heart and mind with the right attitude for the day.

Why is important to create a morning routine?

First, a good morning routine will help you structure your day making you more organized and achieve all your goals for the entire day ahead.

Running your mornings on autopilot will allow you to preserve energy and willpower for more complicated work tasks.

Meaning you will do basic things on auto-pilot, and you won’t have to think about which one to start with. Like not having to decide whether to have doughnuts or smoothie for breakfast or to spend energy figuring out whether to have a shower first or iron your clothes.

With a good morning routine, necessary things like this will be automatic they will just flow your body will know exactly what to do and when to do it. And thus you will be saving up your willpower for bigger & better decisions complicated things you have in the day.

Practical tips to help you create the best morning routine.

Now you understand why you need a morning routine let’s have a read below for some great ideas for the perfect morning routine, and by the way, you can also read this previous post I wrote about my night routine.

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Yes, you need a morning and night routine. But for now, let's talk about morning routine.

Stretch immediately you wake Up

Maybe you are like me you have heard something like it is essential to stretch immediately you wake up. But you overlooked and thought of it as those things people make randomly when idle.

But during my research on morning routines, I found something interesting and very informative.

Here is what I found:

When you sleep, your muscles tend to lose tone and fluid tends to pool along with your back. Stretching in the morning helps to massage the fluid by increasing the blood flow to your muscles. More blood in your muscles means more energy in the morning.

Even better stretching also increases blood flow to your brain and sharpens your concentration in the morning.

Drink some water every morning.

Immediately when you wake up, after stretching up and as your mind tries to settle in and before doing anything else like (jumping into the shower) – have some water!

Try lemon water or water with honey. Take even as little as 2 minutes for yourself taking few sips of water; your mind will be now settling, picking things up ready to start the day.

I love this method since it breaks the bad habit of reaching to grab and look at your phone as the first thing in the morning. You know what happens when we do that? You end up taking forever with the phone, so break this habit by taking just sips of water and jump to next morning routine.

*Note that for this to work you might have to put a water bottle beside your bed each night for when you wake up.

Listen/ read self-affirmations.

As you are getting ready, you may also listen to audio affirmations in the background. Or read one or two from your notebook.

This will set you up for a more positive day ahead, as all you are doing is feeding your brain with the positivity that it needs. This will bring out positivity mode as you start the day.

If you want to give listening to positive self-affirmations a try here is 2 free audio for free. Give it a try and see if you will feel any different. (This offer is limited for time so grab it now free to sign up for it.)

You dont know what self-affirmations is ok,

Read this: what is self-affirmations why every woman needs it.

Take a quick look at your to-do list.

Assuming you have already planned your day. (You should this when having your night time routine) And have some quick notes in your gorgeous planner on what exactly you what to achieve the following day. It's important to go through it very quickly every morning just to refresh the mind of how you want things to be done. This helps in setting up the tone for your day.

Note, I find it necessary to write down your to-do list the previous night, and so in the morning all you do is just quickly refresh your mind.

Tidy up

This should be a quick tidy up like making your bed takes you like 3 minutes. Tidying your bedroom is lovely as in the evening you will come home to a foundation that's already been made.

Also, I find it easy to pick up clothes and throw one load of laundry on, coming back to clean clothes. Clear the kitchen table and add dirty utensils straight into the dishwasher.

Have breakfast. 

You don’t need to spend 30 minutes making breakfast in the morning. This will demotivate you and make you end up skipping breakfast.

What you instead is to make something the night before like smoothies which are already prepared, healthy, and are waiting in the fridge to take to work in the morning.

Do basic personal care

These are simple basic, must do, all the time things and they would best be done in a fixed particular way following each other to train the brain to do them on auto-pilot. Rather than randomly for instance

  1. You jump into the shower,
  2. Brush your teeth,
  3. Do your skin-care routine,
  4. Take vitamins– it’s important to stay healthy as a woman. And taking multivitamin either in your morning routine can help boost your health and energy throughout the day.

Closing thoughts on a Best morning routine tips.

These are ideas of the perfect morning routines for a workday. I hope this will inspire you to create your own that will work for you. Alternatively, if you feel overwhelmed, you can copy mine and use what applies to you.

I found to make a routine work, use a simple and tactful approach that doesn’t just jump in straight… start simple like adding water to the morning routine. Then do it consistently for a week.

If you succeed, then the following week add something else like starting to tidy up and continue to repeat the same process.

And soon all these will be easy to do as the brain will master them the key to keeping any routine working is the consistency and being persistent.

Even if you skip a day don’t worry! Just continue tomorrow where you’ve left off. Just remember the key is to create a morning routine that works for you.

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