how to be a happier person

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If there is one thing that I want you to know today is that,

“Nothing will make you happy until you chose to be happy!

“Happiness is a choice. Yes, your choice!

Being a happier person is controlled by you. You hold the key to happiness. You are in charge of your own happiness.

One of my main goals this year is that I have a made a decision I want to be happy from now onwards. I'm going to be a happy person no matter what. That means sticking to specific habits that make me a happier person.

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 And I would love for you to also make the same goal this year, be a happier person. I want you to be a happier person. That's the main reason you came to read this post right?

How to be a happier person

So today I have shared with you 6 specific and practical habits to become a happier person: of which they will help you in becoming a happier person consistently.

So when going through each of these, try to imagine yourself being successful with them and taking steps towards being happy.

Let's have a look!

Step one

1.Stay away from negative energy & Toxic people.


Toxic people full of  Negative energy are everywhere some are people we call friends, relatives whom we trust, and even some are our colleagues at work. These are people who continuously complain about life.

People with bad habits like this tend to bring you down. The emotions they spread influence your thoughts and actions in a bad way, so avoiding the sources of negative energy is obligatory if you want to be a happier person.

The environment that you put yourself in has a significant impact on yourself.  Meaning, if you spend time with positive people who embrace who you are and enjoy life, you are more likely to be a happier person.

On the other hand, if you are too close to negative thinkers or complainers, you will have a hard time removing the negativity from your own life.

How happiness relates here is: If you want to be a happier person in life you have to surround your self with positive people, stay close to people who inspire and motivate you.

It may seem something small but trust me, you will see how much difference this will make in terms of your happiness.

They say that happiness is contagious. When you surround yourself with happy people, you will build confidence and stimulate creativity.

 2.Create a realistic financial plan.

I know you may wonder how the financial planning and being happier relate to each other. But think of it this way, when you mismanage your finances, you end up in debt, negative account balances, late payment fees which are just a few examples of ways not paying attention to your finances carefully can cause unwanted stress

All these constant pressures are due to poor money management. You end up getting stressed and overwhelmed by life.

Obviously, a stressed person is not a happy person. Instead of having a situation like this happening in the future and more so keep you constantly a happier person.

You should always (I repeat!) have a realistic financial plan. Like this start learning different ways to save money, that is the little money you get to learn how to use wisely and in the priority order.

Want to know some practical examples of how to save? Take a look at another post, where I have outlined those ways to put more money in your pocket by saving!

A second way to create a good financial plan is to start exploring different ways to make extra income. In this post here, I have researched different ways to make some extra income right at home and in your spare-time.

So I don't intend you to quit your job in that post, no. The post instead will give you great ideas of where and how you can make extra income. I like calling them side hustles.

So despite you being in a job where your boss might be paying you less, you can still turn around and make some extra income at home when free and live a comfortable life.

So this point is simply saying two things: if you can learn how to save money and make extra income, these things can make your life awesome, you will be content, comfortable, and that means you are a happier you.

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2.Take few minutes a day for self-care!

Self-care is more important in boosting your happiness. Self-care is taking time off to restore and recharge. This enables you to bring out the best version of you. Amazing right?

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Self-care refreshes you. You might actually not physically see that, but internal is whole new you. The best thing about self-care is that it's all about letting yourself do whatever it is you want to do that makes you feel good. 

Do you have ideas of things that you do and they make your heart sparkle? They are simple things, not mountains.

On top of your list, you can also check this post here; I have over 45 ideas of ways you that you will be able to provide yourself care and attention, I’m sure you will unquestionably enjoy it!

Hence, what we can learn here is that self-care is an essential element of a happier you, as it will bring out the best in you and even people around you!

Also, when you do things for yourself that make you feel great, you will enjoy them and fill yourself up with joy!

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3.Get more organized.

Organizing is all about keeping things in proper order, being organized brings life balance, which means you will have a better time management.

Ultimately, you will be able to meet your work deadlines, you will no longer have to spend time constantly searching for things that are laying around somewhere…

Not only that, but you will no longer miss breakfast (especially on those days that you are running late for work!).

Basically, this all means your stress level will drop drastically. Life is still full of unexpected surprises and changes, but still – if we can organize the things that we can control, it will make you much more relaxed.

So as you can see becoming organized will create a more of calm and enjoyable life.

Do you want a happier life? Well just tackle the organizational part too, don’t undermine the power of being organized – it may seem simple (and it is), but this will truly help you get a handle on life.

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4.Appreciate the little things.

Enjoy the all the little things in life. Life comparison is a destroyer of happiness. Each one of us is blessed differently at different times in our lives.

You may not be able to afford everything that you want now YET your friend can. Do not let that bring you down and make you feel discouraged.

Understand sometimes we have something, and sometimes we don't… and that’s life. Then you may also think of looking for ideas to make some extra income online in your own free time and then buy those things that you visualized.

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5.Learn to manage your expectations & instead create your own happiness.


Often times we continuously expect that other people can make us happy. We hold on, waiting for that to happen. You hear things like, “Oh but if I had a boyfriend/partner in my life, I would be so much happier!”

You are wrong here. This is why you are wrong. You are responsible for your own happiness; you own the key, you control it, no one else can.

Anyone else is just a top up to enhance the happiness that you already have. You have to own it first; then you will be able to let someone else enhance it. So create your own happiness, don’t expect someone else to create it for you. It has to start with you.

Closing thoughts:

In conclusion, happiness is a choice that spins and builds up around how you manage yourself, your life and the environment that you are currently in. If I were you, I would choose to be happy and work on being your best self.

Now that you know the specific habits that you can start trying out that will make you a happier person. The ball is on your side to make it happen.

Once again, I  repeat being a happier person is a CHOICE. You have to make a decision and stick to it. This is a new year, and it is your chance for a new you as well. Have a happier 2018!

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