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The thing is, bad habits interrupt your life and prevent you from accomplishing your goals faster. They jeopardize your happiness, your health, mentally and physically.

Even more frustrating is that they waste your time and energy! I've previously written about good daily habits that can change your life.

List of bad habits and how to quickly break them up.

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Now today, we are focusing on examples of a list of bad habits to push out and replace with the good ones. Here are 8 of the most harmful habits you should leave behind as the year goes on.

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Surrounding Yourself with the Wrong People.

List of bad habits

Who are the wrong people?

Wrong people are discouragers, fake people, negative thinkers, – those people who make you feel bad about being yourself. These kinds of people are everywhere, could be anywhere from school or work, or even some close family members and friends.

Effects of surrounding yourself with them:

Negativity is contagious, and negative people bring you down, and this affects your mood. They can have incredibly negative effects on your overall health and success.

Toxic friendships destroy your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Solution. (Here is what you do next!)

Your friendships, just like everything in your life, need updating. You need to reassess them from time to time and determine if they are still bringing positivity in your life.

One thing you should know is that your friends should bring out the best in you. If you are surrounded by people who bring out the worst in you, then that particular friendship doesn’t fit in your life. You don’t need them.

Genuine friends are the ones that dare to tell you when you’re losing your way, to help motivate you, and be there for you when you need.

They step ahead to have those difficult conversations that most people will avoid. So show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are, choose your company wisely. Your direction in life depends on it.

You will only ever be as great as the people you surround yourself with; so be brave enough to let go of those who keep bringing you down.

Don't Be a Money Squanderer.

List of bad habits

Money squanderers like to spend money extravagantly, thoughtlessly, or wastefully.

Every month you need to create some financial goals.

How about trying to make to make extra income during your free time?

Keep an eye on your financial freedom journey! Money saved is better than nothing at all. So use your money wisely, you can also try using money-saving apps like Ebates and Swagbucks. They give you cash back every time you shop with them.


Stop Self-Comparison.

Comparing yourself to others is one of the easiest ways to feel bad about yourself. You look at what others are doing and wish we were doing that too.

You scroll in social media newsfeeds, and we start to envy what so and so have. You start feeling like everyone seems more accomplished and better looking than you are.

Maybe they have a better job title and a nicer car (and perhaps they are even more fit!). Then they make you feel inadequate, jealous, and like a failure.

These negative feelings will result to stress, anxiety or depression for some.


Life is too short to live your life this way. You don’t need to be better than anyone else, all you need is need to love where you are and what are doing. That’s what truly matters.

Appreciate what you have.

Instead of looking at the lives of others, see the goodness in front of you. Inside yourself. Appreciate each moment, one at a time, and be happy where you are and what to do.

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

Stop Oversharing in Social Media

list of bad habits

Be Selective while Sharing Your Life on Social Media. Social media culture will push you to share everything — from every emotion, thought, events, and pictures. Things like sharing location will expose your location and whereabouts, with impressive accuracy.

Be careful what you share on social media because you never know when something could come back and ruin your life. Some employers these days even check on what people post online before hiring them.

Stop oversharing your life on social media.

 Stop Wasting Time on Weekends.

After a long week at work, all you want is your weekends to be relaxing maybe watch movies, eat and sleep.

Although it is good to rest your body and mind.  You should also know that weekends are crucial for setting yourself up for success on Monday and beyond.

Want to know what to do on the weekends? Read this post here, and you will have great ideas to get you motivated and super –productive!

Here are some ideas on what to do on Saturday and Sunday.

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Stop the habit of Having No Savings and an Emergency Fund.

list of bad habits

An emergency fund is like a bank account that you set aside for use in the event of an emergency situation. Events like surprise medical bill or unexpected air conditioner repair charge, losing a job, drop in income.

These are examples of unexpected situations that you never planned for. But unexpected things do happen and will always continue to surprise us!

That exactly why it's extremely important as a woman to have an emergency fund since when this situation comes, you will less likely harm your long-term financial goals.

What to do:

Having an emergency fund will give you a cushion in the event that if something happens, you’ll be financially prepared it!

If you don’t already have an emergency fund in place, read this post about how to start an get one up and running and how often you should contribute to your emergency fund…That post will guide you much deeper and understand things better.

Not Getting Enough Sleep.

list of bad habits

Sleep deprivation has more scary side effects than you would think of, both short and long-term. Let's see… for starters, when you are sleep deprived you feel sluggish, cranky, and overall not your best self.

These habits of not getting enough sleep affect your overall health and productivity too.


To better understand why it's extremely important that you get enough sleep, read the post below about the many scary side effects of sleep deprivation.

Also, if you are having a hard time falling asleep, check out these products as well that will help you sleep better tonight. Get as much sleep as possible so that you can wake up rejuvenated and ready to go!

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Not Creating Any Time for Yourself.

list of bad habits

No matter how busy you are, it's important to take time from your schedule to focus on … you! It’s super important to your overall well-being.

If you are wondering how to create time for yourself with a busy schedule, here are some amazing ideas on how you can create time when you’re uber busy.

Once you create some time to for yourself, do what you love.

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As we Conclude on a list of bad habits

Maybe your bad habits are already getting in the way; the worst would be reading this post, feeling inspired, but going nothing about it!
This is your chance to get up and make this year, a year to remember!

So first things first, share this post on Facebook or Pinterest to keep as a future reference and at the same time help others be their best selves too.

The second thing is taking actions towards eliminating your bad habits, choose the negative habits that you would like to replace first with positive habits.

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bad habits to break/ list of bad habits/ how to stop bad habits / get rid of bad habits tips/ bad habits to stop/ tips quit bad habits /#habits #routine GoodHabitsList #positivethinking /habits forming /good habits list things to do

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