This article gave me a step-by-step #Sundayroutine |productive things to do on Sunday |further explains #Sunday ideas and tips no spend weekend activities. That will set me up for a productive week tips. #productiveplanner #productive week. #selfimprovement #productivitytips #selfcare

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If you are like me, having a productive week is super important. I no longer want to live the “I hate Mondays” and “I can't wait for this week to end” kind of life.

It's tiring and frustrating, to be honest, and complaining about it doesn’t make the week any shorter.

I realized the reason we’re always whining about the long week is that we don’t take the time to plan for it realistically.

A week planned in advance will be a super productive week. At the end of it, you’ll think, “That week was fast!” You will barely believe it.

So, it's time for you to adjust your mindset. Plan your week in advance to set yourself up for a super-productive week.

I assure you, this will be simpler if you are a “doer” and not just a “read and take no action” type of person then this post for you.

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5 things to do on a Sunday for a super productive week.

Sunday is the best day to plan for your week. They say “A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.”

So, if you want to have a super-productive and less-overwhelming week, check out my recommended activities below to get you there.

1.Fill in Your Weekly Planner

This article gave me a step-by-step #Sundayroutine |productive things to do on Sunday |further explains #Sunday ideas and tips no spend weekend activities. That will set me up for a productive week tips. #productiveplanner #productive week. #selfimprovement #productivitytips #selfcare

A weekly planner is simply a book that allows you to plan and keep track of your responsibilities and schedule your time and goals appropriately.

Planning your week is one of the most important things you can do to have a productive week and can make difficult tasks easier throughout the week.

Things to add to your planner:
  • Using a distinctive highlighter like this one, cross out all the things you achieved last week. 
  • Next, write a to-do list for the next five 5 days. These are specific tasks you intend to complete during the week.
  • Determine what your key goals for the week will be. What do you intend to achieve this week?

By writing down everything that needs to get done in the week, you will have a better picture of what needs to be accomplished and set your priorities accordingly.  

Remember, a weekly planner is only useful if you follow it. Make sure that you put it somewhere where you can easily, and frequently, refer to it; in your handbag, for instance.

Resources to get you started on planning your week for maximum productivity:

Organizing your week on Sunday will give you an overview of how to manage tasks and will reduce the risk of stress later in the week.

2.Set Out Your Weekday Outfits.

This article gave me a step-by-step #Sundayroutine |productive things to do on Sunday |further explains #Sunday ideas and tips no spend weekend activities. That will set me up for a productive week tips. #productiveplanner #productive week. #selfimprovement #productivitytips #selfcare

We all have those moments of stress in the morning when we’ve spent too long deciding what to wear. We get overwhelmed by the options. This is known as the “paradox of choice.”

It’s obvious we all like to look our best when we leave the house, so it's no surprise that we choose what to wear carefully.

However, the amount of time wasted is too much, results in us being late, having to rush, and at times even missing breakfast. 

You can relate, right? What if I told you there is secret way out of this morning hustle?

The secret is simple: plan your outfits in advance. Planning your outfits in advance will save you tons of time compared to the time wasted when we wait until the morning to choose what to wear.

Getting ready in the morning will become easier, quicker, and more efficient.

Take Action
  • Every Sunday, plan your outfit for each of the 5 days of week; Monday to Friday.
  • To make things extra simple, you could even get a hanger separator like this one to quicken the process

If done repeatedly, this simple action will lead you to a super-productive week.

3.Create Think Time. 

This article gave me a step-by-step #Sundayroutine |productive things to do on Sunday |further explains #Sunday ideas and tips no spend weekend activities. That will set me up for a productive week tips. #productiveplanner #productive week. #selfimprovement #productivitytips #selfcare

As you prepare for the next week, you may need to create some thinking time for reflection and visualization.

Reflection-Create some reflective think time where you sit in a quiet environment to review your achievements, take note of everything you’ve postponed, and learn from any mistakes you’ve made.

Think about the past week. What did you do wrong? Figure out which activities to continue with next week and which ones to let go.

Visualization –How can you be better in the coming week ahead? What changes can you make? These two activities will result in you being better prepared for a super-productive week ahead.

4.Create a Shopping and Meal Plan

This article gave me a step-by-step #Sundayroutine |productive things to do on Sunday |further explains #Sunday ideas and tips no spend weekend activities. That will set me up for a productive week tips. #productiveplanner #productive week. #selfimprovement #productivitytips #selfcare

Grocery shopping and meal planning go hand in hand.

Meal planning is when you decide meals you intend to eat during the next 7 days, then written on a list.

The next step is going grocery shopping for all the items to make the meals for the next week. You see what I mean?

So, one way of planning for a productive week is with advance meal planning then grabbing the ingredients required for that week’s meals.

But just in case you are like me,and you feel like the whole process of meal planning, grocery shopping, and the time and effort it takes in deciding what to eat every day is just too overwhelming.

There is a way to simplify this.

This is what I did to save my sanity. I tried out different meal planning solutions.

There are services that solve all these issues by delivering recipes along with the ingredients you will need to use for those meals.

So, all that is required is to get the food from the fridge and “Bang!” food in the oven.

Most of these meals take between 15 – 45 minutes since most ingredients are fresh or precooked, and you are covered the whole week.

This is what I do personally, and it’s just incredible. I save so much time, I eat fresh, healthy foods, and for an affordable price as well.

So, if you suck at meal planning, listed below are some of the companies I used and would recommend. I suggest you click through each of them see what fits you best.

Try a two of them out, and see what works for you. And best of all, I have requested a bonus for you, as my reader! For a limited time though.

Meal Services I Recommend
  • HelloFresh– Copy paste this coupon code HF40NOW and get $20FF for each of the next two orders you make. Basically, you may end up paying zero although this depends on how many are counted in this meal. 
  • $5 Meal Plan– Get 14 days free trial see if it meets your demands.later on pay $5 weekly and receive a meal plan of exactly what to cook and buy the groceries.

I think advance meal planning is one the best favors you can do for yourself to ensure a smooth and productive week.

So, take action and plan your meals in advance or choose one the services I have recommended and see how it goes.


This article gave me a step-by-step #Sundayroutine |productive things to do on Sunday |further explains #Sunday ideas and tips no spend weekend activities. That will set me up for a productive week tips. #productiveplanner #productive week. #selfimprovement #productivitytips #selfcare

Take the time to refresh and replenish. And yes, you should be doing it often. Take your mind off the stress, do whatever it is that relaxes you and makes you feel good. Go for it!

Some call it self-care, others call it downtime. Whichever name you feel like calling it, I’m with you. But you’ve gotta go for it.

Listen, like most people; it took me way too long to learn that self-care is vital for your wellness. It allows you to open yourself up to some many things you need in this world.

Gwyneth Paltrow swears by an Epsom Salt bath every evening.

Read below to learn what I do on Sundays during my downtime.

Among them is this submersible waterproof faux candles instead of real tea candles due to fire risk which by the way you should think about.

  • I also do some Kegel exercises. Every woman needs this. Like, if you haven’t started doing some Kegel exercise, then you better look into it! And in case you need a hint, here are some of the products I use. Check them out.

Sometimes I prefer using my self-care time for side hustles.

And they kinda excite me, make me feel more relaxed, and I get paid for doing it approximately 320 to 400/month sometimes more so it's a  Win-win!

  • Sometimes I love shopping online, especially with money saver websites like Ebates and this one. It seriously relaxes me, whether I have the money or not.

My key point here is to relax. Take a break and do something you enjoy that will relax you.

You have a lot more control of how you feel on Sundays than you think, and simply adding a few self-care habits can do wonders for your mind and body.

Create the healthy mind and body you need for a smooth week.

Wrap up of 5 things to do on a Sunday

Well, if you have read all the way through, I’m sure you have picked up a point or two that you can incorporate into your Sundays.

And if you have quickly skipped to the end, here is a wrap-up.

To ensure you have a super productive week, you have to commit to preparing for one by planning for it in advance. Moreover, the best day to do this is on a Sunday.

Some of the key activities I have mentioned are:
  1. Filling in your weekly planner,
  2. Setting out your weekday outfits,
  3. Creating think time,
  4. Grocery and meal planning,
  5. And lastly, having some down.

So, whichever suits your lifestyle, go for it. Rock your Sunday and set yourself up for a super-productive week!

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