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Why we lose friends as we grow older could be out of many reasons. To be honest, it is completely normal to lose friends as we get older. Over the years, I have lost so many friends.

Please don't get me wrong, no matter how thick-skinned you are, it is impossible to maintain all your friendships. If you are wondering why we lose friends, I have a list of  8 reasons below and bonus and what to do next.

Why We Lose Friends As We Grow Older. 


1.Priorities Change

Priorities keep changing positions. Obviously, because your life is changing every other day. You may find that something that you used to put first on the priority list is now second or even no longer doing it. 

Case study.

When I become a new mum, my priorities changed instantly. My key priority was now to look for my little one.

More so being a new mother with no experience, this took so much of my time.To a point, I no longer had time to hang out with my friends like I used too. 

To a point, I no longer had time to hang out with my friends like I used too. This priority change impacted my relationship with my friends.

It wasn't  easy for them to get it all. And I lost some friends in between those days.

In short, some of the priority changes that you will make in your life might affect your friends, and you end up losing them.

2.The increase of Responsibilities.

It comes to a point in life when responsibilities start building up more and more.

For instance; A promotion at work- this will result in spending more time at work. Thus less time left for your social life.

3.Removing ‘toxic friends'

Another reason why we lose friends; some friends develop a toxic relationship, We discover more things about their character that doesn't match with our values.

You also discover who is genuine and supports you. Finally, you make a choice which friend is worth keeping and whom to lose.


4.Career Change and advancement

One of the other common reasons why we lose friends as we grow older. Is when we advance/change career.

This leads to changes like more time is spent working, or even one gets a transfer at work and moves location.Therefore, it becomes a challenge to maintain the friendships.

As communication and availability with friends are limited thus no growth. As a result, we lose some friends in the process.

5.Change Of Location also facilitates to Why We Lose Friends

Due to many reasons like work, study or family. One might have to move from city to city or even migrate to an entirely new country. 

This can bring significant strains on friendships. It may become virtually impossible and very hard to meet up with your friends.

6.Life happens!

Sometimes, the unexpected occurrences take place. Like some friends can become rich and change their habits.

They develop different pressures that we feel we can't keep up with.Thus we end up calling it off, or they call it off.

7. Maturity kicks in / Habits change 

With time life can be full of surprises, today you might be a fun of this particular thing, and tomorrow you have an entirely different taste.

This slight change can affect the bond between the friends whom you used to do these things together. One tends to grow apart gradually since common interests are no longer there.

For instance;

Let's say you used to be a party animal. Later on, you outgrow that stage, but your friends are still partying.So what brought you together is no longer there. 

So what brought you together is no longer there. Thus friendship fades with time and ends up losing some friends.

8. Commitments Like Relationships/Marriage.

Relationships/ marriage commitments are one the top lists reason why we lose friends. Since all the focus and attention shifts to our partner.

Most friends tend to feel left out like they have been ‘replaced' by the ‘serious' commitment at hand. Since you reduced attention and availability to be with your friends. To concentrate on your new commitment.

What you should learn from; Why we Lose Friends As We Get Older.                                                                  

  • It's totally normal to lose friends as we grow older, and you are NOT the only one, we all do at some point.
  • Some friends don't last forever.
  • Some friendship grows stronger; others become weak and also depends on how you natured your friendship over time.
  • You can always look for more friends but this time look those who are in similar interests.
  •  Like if you have just become look mum look for mum friends. Since you guys will tend to have activities and topics to talk about and do.
  • Sometimes losing some friends makes you a better person, especially when you lose toxic friends.
  • If you are not losing friends, then you are not growing up.

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