Computer keyboard Shortcuts

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Computer keyboard shortcuts can not only save time but will also boost your productivity levels.They not only get work done quickly but also improve efficiency.I remember after I memorised these computer keyboards shortcuts listed here my computer skills to improved drastically.

computer keyboard shortcuts/computer keyboard hacks/ lessons/computer shortcuts keys/computer shortcuts cheat sheet/Microsoft/computer shortcuts tips and tricks/Windows/How to use keyboard shortcuts symbol, windows, cheat sheet.Just to mention they are many other computer keyboards but in this post, I have only focused on the essential ones.

computer keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this post are for example how to save a document CTRL+S  and many others.

I would highly recommend that you keep a good reference of these computer keyboard shortcut keys or try to memorise them. Doing so will dramatically boost your productivity in everyday computer activities.

Essential Computer Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • Save a document.
  • To print a Document.


  • Select all or highlight all contents of that page.
  • Copy a document.
  • Copy and paste a document. 


  • Change words typed in CAPS to small letters.
  • If you accidentally close a tab.
  • Cut a selected text.
  • To delete a document permanently without placing the item in the recycle bin.
  • Display start menu.

 How to memorise this computer keyboard shortcuts.

You can print them and stick them somewhere nearly visible. This could be on your desk, computer side too so every time you're using your computer, you will see them and remember to apply them.

Once you learn any of the computer keyboard shortcuts listed use it more often and this way it will end up sticking in your head and come off automatically when needed.

What other computer keyboard shortcuts do you use that you find useful?   

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