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Like in my previous posts here, I have explained some of the surprising reasons how to create alone time as you know sometimes you may have a crazy schedule and miss some alone time. 

So what next after you create some alone time what do you do with that time? Here are 10 interesting ideas on Things to Do In Your Alone Time. Note down what makes sense as yo brainstorm other ideas as you read on.

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Things to Do In Your Alone Time

Have a home spa day Taking a bath is one of my favorite relaxing things to do in the world, and this spa basket makes it so easy to pamper yourself. Everything is natural; all the fragrances are 100% natural as well with no toxins or added chemicals.

Complete a project that you've been putting off. Example – Update your resume, meal plan for the week ahead.

Figure out different ways to –make more money in your spare time like.

  1. Start a side job (some even pay up to $2000(US) per month!).
  2. Update your personal finances.
  3. Check your emergency fund and checking accounts.
  4. What are the things that you can cut back on and save more?

Do some online shopping. Search for those items that you keep procrastinating buying for months. Search until you find the perfect one, use this online shopping hacks to buy things cheaper.

Also, read; How to get things twice cheaper on Amazon.

Listen to inspirational audio. Surround yourself with some positivity and growth by listening to educational and informational audio clips. Some are as short as 7 minutes but 100 times powerful.

Here are 2 FREE audio files to download and try – or choose whichever you want to listen to.

Colour a picture, adult style. Before I realized the power of adult coloring, I always thought of it as a something silly. But one day, I was given this book as a gift and everything changed, now I’m a big fan of coloring books.

I do it in my alone time every week. This is my favorite coloring book and it goes for $3 alongside this gel pens too. You can also use coloring pencils if you prefer.

Do the crazy stuff Anything crazy you enjoy doing when no one is around, give it a try! I like to sing karaoke with lyrics from YouTube and record myself.

I listen to my horrible voice after and it makes me laugh out loud so much!  You too, I know you have got your little crazy world – why don’t you start doing that in your alone time? Whatever it is that makes you laugh, smile or feel good inside —do it!

Explore new habits. Like these ones here below;

  1. Daily habits that can change your life.
  2. Sunday habits set you up for a productive week.

Call an old long-time friend that you haven’t talked to in… forever! Catch up with each other here – best to use free video chats like WhatsApp or Facebook.

It’s great to use these free options, because since you’ll be catching up – the call may take forever!

Create routines to help you get a bit organized. Here are some great examples of must-have routines.

  1. Morning routines that can make you more productive during the day.
  2. Night routines will help you structure how your day will be tomorrow.

Morning and night routine usually depend on each other. So you can't just have one them you ought to have two to be more successful in your everyday life.

Write down all the things that make you happy. Take a moment to think about how you can adapt things to make your life more comfortable.

Check out: These inspirations on how to make your life happier and healthier.

Go for mini-vacation in a neighboring town for a weekend getaway. Just to cool off with some fresh air for a fresh mind.

Note; Best to use Airbnb to rent a place to stay in those few days you will be on the travel.

Organize something. Don’t go for a huge organizational project. Instead, choose something small and manageable—like organizing your bra and underwear drawer.

Go through your old social media posts like Facebook. Explore your old pictures and updates to see how much you have changed in last few years.

As you do this, it is also best if you unfollow some people who have posts and updates that are negative, make no sense or just fill up your page with clutter. It's about time (and you know it).

As I close, let me say that:

Hopefully, you have enjoyed my ideas on Things to Do In Your Alone Time. Just to add something always remember that doing things alone does not mean you are lonely.

It means you are spending time with you, and you made time for you. So now make a plan to try out those adventures on things do when alone. See how it feels just focusing on yourself and being you!

I love spending time alone and mostly just at home. But it can get boring doing same things over and over again. Do You want to change the activities you do when alone? Then read this 10 exciting things to when alone that will make you happy, successful, and productive. Things to do alone| things to do alone at home| self-care| #selflove things to do when bored| #productive #happy #bored #fun #alone #introvert #lonely Things to Do In Your Alone Time

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