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Our lives can get hectic sometimes. With everything happening around us, there are lots of commitments and things we want to get done. It’s no wonder many of us become overwhelmed. If you practice habits that can simplify your life.

It will become easy to combat these feelings. Below are some of the best tips on how to simplify your life.

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 1. Automate 

You can start by automating your bills payments from your credit/debit card. This will save you time from doing it manually one by one and create less worry about late payment fees.

2.Create working routines.

A good routine will guide your day-to-day activities. This will make you even more responsible since you know what to do and when to do it. Good working routines also make us more productive.

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3.Live a clutter-free life.

A Clutter-free life creates a clutter-free mind. Every once in a while downsize and get rid of stuff you don’t need anymore.

This will create room for only the important stuff you need. Decluttering also makes it easier to access what you want quickly.

4.Learn to Single-task.

Multitasking drains a lot of energy, and it is the number one stress creator in our lives. If you want to simplify your life, start doing one thing at a time and have breaks in between your schedule.

5.Live a debt-free life.

Being in debt can be a stressful experience, whether it’s a credit card debt, mortgages, or even student loans. Having debts can keep us working in jobs that we hate just to pay them off. Living in debt can lead to a very complicated life.

Create a working plan on how to pay off your debts fast.

You can start by learning how to save money plus make extra money online without even getting a second job. For instance below are some of the Apps and Websites I would recommend you sign up and start using them. I use them almost every day to save money and Make money too.

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These websites have helped me pay off some of my debts. I still use them up to date, and they have been very useful when it comes to my finances.

These are basic tips that can help you release this burden and stress from your life. Living a debt-free life will simplify your life completely.

6.Learn to be more confident in life

If you are confident in life, this can quickly simplify your life. Confidence will help you manage your fears so that you can do more of the things that really matter to you.

For example, saying No to things that you don’t want to do. Confidence can also make you achieve your goals more, network more, make more money or even get you a job promotion.

These are some of the things that can simplify your life in one way or another.

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7. Shop online.

Rather than going to overcrowded malls with huge queues, it would be better to shop online. This saves you from the craziness of mall stress.  Plus, you will have your stuff delivered right to your doorstep. 

With online shopping, you can even save more with websites like 

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N.B.: Some websites, including Amazon Prime, offer free delivery always. They even have same-day delivery, which is so convenient, simplifies your life and does the hard tasks for you.

There is a free trial of 30 days if you sign up through Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial also for more details you will find in that link.

8.Have a meal plan ready

Planning a meal can be debilitating, especially if you just came back home from work only to start thinking about what to cook for dinner. Instead of going through all these stresses, create a meal plan in advance, so you do not have to worry about what to cook every day. 

Since meal planning can be stressful to some people like me, I started using services like 5 meal plan serviceThey will send you a meal plan for the whole /week. Imagine having not to worry about what to cook.  I absolutely love 5 meal plan.

This service has simplified my life so much. You can check them here and read more details or get free trial here

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9. Be a happier person.

Awesome article with 10 amazing tips on how to simplify your life/minimalism/ways to improve yourself/self-improvement tips. I'm so inspired by this post. I'm glad I found this post pinning this for later.Avoid things that cause stress and anything that could overwhelm you. Learn to be a happier person, worry less and smile more. Stay away from negativity.

In my previous post, I have some very helpful tips on some habits that could make you a happier person always. Practicing self-care ideas can actually boost your happiness.

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10. Buy less stuff.

Learn to be a little more mindful of what you introduce into your life. Not everything you buy will be helpful. Buying less also saves you more money and ensures you have less clutter too. Certainly, this will help simplify your life by far.

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