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self care ideas- simplest definition is looking after yourself, emotionally, physically and mental well-being. self care ideasLately, have come to realise that’s it’s easy to neglect taking care of ourselves. 

Because we’re usually busy, overwhelmed with work, kids, tons of other things to do. Thus to make room for all of this activities, you end up skipping lunch or break time, your manicure treats, golf play, stop going to the gym the list is endless. 

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Self care isn’t just important it’s crucial too. So it should be taken seriously. Have come up with 40 self care ideas to practice.

40 self care ideas for a better life

1.Visit an art museum
2.Learn something new ex; new language
3.Visit a library
4.Take your vitamins
5.Listen to nature sounds.

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7.listen to podcasts
8.Read a book self-development book
9.Leisure walk in the park funny videos on youtube

11.Get dressed up for no reason just to look good and look yourself in the mirror.
12. Meditate / pray
13.Call a loved one tell them you love them
14.Create a list of your favourite things about yourself.

15.Subscribe to blogs like this one to get some weekly self-development tips be inspired.
16.Visit a new place.
17.Create a bucket list.
18.Declutter and sell some items on eBay or donate.
19.Install free apps like ‘Q-MEE’ you get paid for browsing on the internet.

20.Listen to your favourite old album growing up(old school music)
21.Do a simple reflection of your life.
22.Put a pin on a map for all the places you would like to visit.
23.Pop up a bubble wrap.
24.Read inspirational quotes.

25.Learn how to make your week always super productive Here.
26.Take a bike ride.
27.Play with your pet.
28Take yourself out for a treat like a dessert or meal
29.Take a mental break from a difficult task.
30.Go for a relaxing drive.

31.Practice this daily habits to change your life example is Here
32. Learn to Turn your phone off for 1 hr or so sometimes.
33.Look in the mirror, admire your face, your body, every inch of yourself. Love and accept yourself.

34.Boost your self-confidence with simples steps like this one Here
35.Take a full night sleep regularly
36.Avoid multitasking.
37.Don’t force yourself to do something you don’t want to do.
38. Declutter your phone app.

39.Let go of the past. learn to be a happier person 5 tips Here 

40.Remember that self care is not an optional, but it’s crucial

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Download a free self-care  printable Here