If you want to save money, this article makes it so easy to save money fast/save money monthly, weekly. Also, has details on; save money frugal living/save money tips, tricks, hacks. I'm definitely saving this for future reference.

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The other day I wrote about best tips to make extra money online fast. Today I’m going to share with you some of the best ways that I use to save money on everything. 

One thing about me is; I’m always trying to save money when I can. I even wrote a post on some of my best ways that I use to save money on Grocery shopping ways you never heard of, make sure to check that out too. Alright, let’s get to save money tips now.

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35 easy ways to save money


If you want to put cash back into your wallet, Swagbucks website is the way to go. How do you save money with Swagbucks?

Swagbucks rewards you with points (‘Swagbucks’) for just completing the simple tasks you do online every day with your laptop.

Once you get rewarded with points, you can, later on, redeem them for gifts cards or even cash.

How do you get the Swagbucks points

  • When you shop online for your favorites retailer brands.
  • Get up to 25% discount on your purchases.
  • Earn points just for regular searching through the web.
  • And if you want to maximize your saving you can even do their surveys and get more points.
  • What’s even better you will get a $5 welcome bonus if you sign up through my link. 

Sign up for Swagbucks here

Good use of coins.

Get a money jar where you can keep all your loose change. Use them in dry seasons.

Instead of having coins in every corner of the house.Save them up they accumulate so fast then you would think.

Especially if you use this one which has so many advanced features yet so the affordable good thing about it no one can tamper with it since you will know. Have a look here

Stop buying coffee

Instead of buying ‘take away’ coffee you could purchase a coffee machine and make coffee at home.  You will see how much this simple change in habit will save you money every month.


Ebates is one of the best super saver website. Imagine getting up to 40% cash back! With over 2000+ stores and over 10,000 coupons ready every day to use, this site is a great way to save!

I use this App all the time. Before buying anything or going shopping, I always check it and usually get surprised with ever fantastic deals, coupons. They have hot deals every day. You can’t afford to miss using Ebates. And it’s free to join and use.

This App will save you money all the time. If you want to join Ebates sign up using this link and I guarantee you will receive a $10 welcome bonus. 

Just make sure to confirm your email and if you don’t see your welcoming email, check your junk folder.

check more details about Ebates here 

Sign up for Ebates here

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel (US)

This is not a money saving app. However, With  Nielsen computer & mobile panel. Every year you will receive up to $50 FREE. Plus you will enter to win rewards; Nielsen gives away $10,000 each month. And all you have to do is all you have to do is just install the app on your phone/PC and register for free.

That’s it!

  • No risks at all,
  • no tasks to do,
  • No credit card details needed.

Just for having the app run in the background on your phone/computer and anytime you could win $10,000 and other rewards too and receive $50 every year for keeping the App running. How does this work; The panel software installed allows them to gain an overall understanding of Internet usage and behavior.

However, to qualify with them check below if you are of 

  • Age 18-24 sign up or install the app on any device
  • Age 25-44 install  from a PC ONLY
  • Age 45-54 install the app an IOS device or PC.
  • Age 55+ sign up or install any device.

Sign up/install here Nielsen computer & mobile USA panel Receive $50/year. (USA people) 

Sign up/install here Nielsen computer & mobile UK panel Receive $50/year. (UK people)

Use $5 meal plan

If you are serious about saving money, then you should know how important it is to have a meal plan before you shop.Preparing for a meal plan isn’t easy either, so a friend introduced me to this 5 dollar meal service that makes meal planning as simple as it could ever be.

This service saves you from randomly buy unnecessary things which end up not being used. This app saves you from wasting food.It also saves you time from wandering down the aisles thinking what to buy for dinners. With a meal plan, you will know exactly what you need to buy, and you will just buy what you need.

I found it very convenient and money saving. Their recipes are frugal yet healthy and everything you need.

You can sign up here for the meal plan 14 days trial to see how good this service is and how it will change your life.

Ditch pedicure and manicure.

If you want to save money, this article makes it so easy to save money fast/save money monthly, weekly. Also, has details on; save money frugal living/save money tips, tricks, hacks. I'm definitely saving this for future reference.Start painting your nails. I used to spend like 70 – 130 dollars per month just for doing my nails in the salon. Now I do my nails at home. This saves me around $1000-1200 a year.

Carry your water

Instead of buying water while traveling or going to work. Carry your own water from home. Invest in a water bottle and water filter to ensure you always take clean water.

Use cash back services.

Cash back services like Mypoints you will earn points for shopping at your favorite online stores, get exclusive offers and coupon codes. You can redeem your points for gift cards, award miles, and more at over 75 top retail, restaurant, and travel partners!

Sign up Mypoints and get a free $10 Gift Card when you join MyPoints through my link.

Eat light lunch snacks

You can save up tons of cash daily by just eating light snacks. Instead of heavy meals which are just expensive.I found this ‘graze’ company a money saver they will send 8 varieties of snacks worth three days. Cheaper than going for lunch or even Starbucks coffee take away. 

Get Free baby stuff.

You can also save money when you register to this company and receive FREE baby products like free diapers (worth $750), free baby samples, weekly baby coupons alert and so much more.

All you have to do is register HERE and please remember to check your email for confirmation.

Carry a list.

Always make a list before going shopping. This will help save you from impulse buying and food wastage. Or write down the list in apps like Evernote.

Buy in the discounted/clearance section

In every store, you will find a discounted corner where they mostly sell products that are about to go past their sell-by dates. Or clearance line products off the shelf.

If you check, most of the products can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months, especially meat. Don’t miss this opportunity! You can save mega just by buying discounted products.

Buy in Bulk.

You will find some items are economical when bought in bulk. Always check for items that are cheaper when buying in bulk than in small amounts.

Like for instance, I find it cheaper to buy tissue rolls in bulk of 12 than buying 4 rolls at a time. This saves me like 1 dollar and some cents every time I’m purchasing.

Automate payments

Set up all your monthly payments to be automatic with credit card/debit card so that you always pay on time and Avoid late fee payments. 

Inbox dollars

Inbox dollars is another website that will reward with coupons or gifts cards just for searching the web, watching tv, shopping online.

I highly recommend it since they have good pay as well and will save you some cash on a monthly basis. Sign up for

  • Sign up for Inbox Dollars and receive a bonus of $5 just for signing up and confirming your email.
  • If you live in the UK sign up here instead inbox pounds and receive £3 free signing up and confirming your email. 

Avoid impulse buying.

I used to be a pro in impulse buying. This habit can be addictive. So I kept going broke most of the times, always bought things that stayed even 6 months without using them.

Later on, I came up with a solution. I will always buy what I seriously need to use. If I’m unsure about something I give it a month or two, and if I still have the same desires then I will get it. If not, I just leave it.

Since I changed my habit, I have saved tons of money.

Buy local brands

In the ‘grocery’ section of your supermarket, buy more of generic items, or own branded shop items instead of big popular names where the prices are hyped.

It’s all just for marketing strategy nothing fancy at all.

Join Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime you will get the same day or next day free delivery of all items, so you won’t have to pay anything.

You will also get free DVDs to watch this saves money from buying DVDs which is such a waste of money.

Almost 90% of products in discounts are just for Amazon Prime members.

Amazon Prime can save you up a minimum of $700/pa. If you want to try, Amazon Prime use this link and Get 30 Days Free trial.

Save water

Minimise the use of having a bath and have a shower instead. This will save your water monthly bills a lot. 

Spring cleaning.

Every 6 months do a major cleaning in your house. Identify what items you don’t need anymore. Sell them to places like eBay or car boot/garage sales. That way you won’t have to keep stuff you don’t use anymore

Sell your recycle.

Why should you give out for free your recycling products to the council? Instead, you can sell and get some money back.

Check on google for your local recycling companies that buy your recycle. Most them they even come to collect them.

Subscribe to companies

Subscribe to favourites stores to receive their Newsletter/emails. Mostly they post sales and offers in the stores so you can always pop check-in if at all you really need that item.

Apply for loyalty cards.

Make sure you have applied for loyalty in all your favourites stores. This way you earn points every time you shop and redeem them later in the shop. Mostly you could be saving even 10%.

Credit card management

Pay out your credit card early in advance to escape paying for high interests. Pay before the deadline see how much you will have saved by this practice.

Install IBOTTA

This is a free money saving app Ibotta that helps you save on everyday purchase you save from around $1 to $4. Whether you’re buying groceries, shopping for new clothes, or ordering food.

You can save money with cash back rebates from simply shopping at your favourite stores. For a limited time, you can get $10 if you sign here and redeems your first rebate will get a $10 as Welcome Bonus.

So if you find yourself too busy to coupon, but still want to save money. I strongly recommend you download Ibotta app in your mobile today. After joining Grab your last grocery store receipt {should be within the last 7 days} and redeem your first rebate.

This will automatically add an extra $5 to your account as a welcome bonus for joining on top of the $10 bonus you receive signing through my link.

Sign up for Ibotta APP  using this link and  receive $10 welcome bonus

Utilise free APPs

Use Apps like WhatsApp or even Facebook to make calls and send messages or even making international calls. They are free for all these services, and this could save your credit usage every month.

Minimise tumble dryer usage.

During summer time hang your clothes out on a line instead of having them in a tumble dryer. This will save electricity bills.

Join free surveys.

Some surveys online will reward you with free gifts cards even worth $250 to use on your favourite brands. All just by doing few tasks. Some of the surveys I use are.

if you are interested in to know more check this post here it has full information and list of other surveys suitable for you.

Cut off your Netflix subscription

Move to Amazon Prime instead. its way is much better than Netflix.

Prime members enjoy exclusive access to movies and TV shows, ad-free music, Kindle books, original audio series and unlimited photo storage.

Instead of Netflix you better move to a cheaper option where they have all in all and lower price too.

You can actually sign through my link for a free trial of 30 days and compare.

Cancel gym membership.

Gym membership is extremely expensive. If at all you want to save your money you better off buy a running machine, weight lifter, exercise bike and use them at home. 

Never shop in Grocery when hungry.

Try your best before going shopping not to go empty stomach. Otherwise one ends up buying so many unnecessary things.

Check out other stores.

Always check out other stores for price comparison. Some stores have sales season and offer while others have the full price on same items, especially in groceries.

Sign up for Qmee

Ok, Qmee this also is not exactly a money-saving website, but it will earn you some extra free cash daily. I can’t even tell you enough how amazing this website is.

Just imagine getting paid for nothing! How does this happen? All I did was install their browser extension on my Chrome search bar, and that’s it.

So every time I’m searching something online they pop up an ad on the side with an offered discount when I click to check the link offer they reward me with cash. It doesn’t matter if I buy anything or not.

What’s even more awesome it is cash guys! And you can withdraw any amount directly to your PayPal account.

If you want to save money all you need to do go here to Qmee and install their browser extension and wait to earn some dollars for nothing. Sign up for Qmee here.

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