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Recommended Blogging Resources-Updated version may 2017. I created this page to list my favourite tools, products, services that I use to run my blog with. Have also seen pro bloggers too use most of this tools and resources and thus I was inspired to try them out and so far I absolutely them.

I wanted to share since they are valuable and worth using. And save you tons of time hustling on the internet of what or which to use in your awesome blog. NB; Join a Pinterest group board here

These Recommended Blogging Resources have helped me grow my new blog which is 8 months old quite a lot and helped me understand how to more Make money blogging.

I would love to emphasise that I have used and tried all my blogging recommended list. So this is an honest review no BS. Let’s get on now, shall we? 

Recommended blogging resources

Blogging platform.

  • I recommend using that’s the platform that I use.
  • So easy and efficient to use.
  • It’s a blogging platform choice for most other bloggers today I mean millions of bloggers.


Web HostingOn hosting, I recommend using SiteGround. Especially if you are starting out as a new blogger.

I would advise you go for SiteGround. Or even as an old blogger and want to change hosting companies siteGround should be your number one choice.

Not Wix, not HostGator, and not Bluehost Trust me Why? Siteground-

  • Remarkable customer care who are also quick and polite 
  • Fast click WordPress installation,
  • Super affordable as well.

If you want to start a blog, you can sign up with SiteGround if you use my special link here

As my reader, you will get 60% discount from regular price WAH! 

Graphic Design                      PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

For my blog image edits and social media graphics, I use PicMonkey. I also get free stock with them, alongside they got you covered with all social media images recommended sizes.

(which is so important by the way for your growth in traffic), not forgetting cute fonts they got for images. All these services plus more.

You can sign up here for free and start a free seven-day trial.

Email marketing   ConvertKit

ConverKit, all way through. I actually switched to them recently, and I will never look back ever.

I have seen huge positive results with my number of people subscribing every day. It’s just incredible.

If you are currently using a free service such as MailChimp, you should switch immediately.

Because that is the number, one mistake bloggers make I did the same and have tons of regrets. Don’t make the same mistake.

You can sign up for ConverKit here or check them out.

If you don’t get good results within a month, you can get a refund back.

For Great Content.

If you want an error-free content in your blog, Grammarly is the right key.I use Grammarly tool to proof-read my work, typos and grammar mistakes. So many other uses you will see with them.

I use Grammarly tool to proof-read my work, typos and grammar mistakes. So many other uses you will see with them.

You can sigh up here for free then add chrome extension in your browser and see how it makes your blogging easier.

Social Media tools Aid

 Tailwind Visual Marketing SuiteI use Tailwind for scheduling on Pinterest and Instagram. Wait! I can’t even explain how important tailwind is for the growth of traffic.

I first used it in November, and my traffic doubled instantly that month no fluff. This is so serious guys. Every blogger should use tailwind for scheduling pins and images in Instagram.

Aaaand you will also see your analytics among other key things that you really need for your growth in traffic.

If you want to see mega traffic in your blog use tailwind for scheduling. If you don’t see the results in a week come back here and contact me, I will help you out.

For a Free trial of tailwind sign up here It’s free to sign up.

Blog Traffic Tips

If you’re looking to Increase your page views and hike your blog traffic, I highly recommend that you get this ebook.

This ebook will guide on the exact steps to take to double your blog traffic and your page views within a month. If at all you follow the unique 21 simple strategies given.

I’m currently using this ebook, and I’m proud to say it has increased my page views just within weeks of using it.

If you don’t want to keep wandering all over google looking for ways to increase your traffic, then get this ebook book and save time, and see instant results.

Remember the more page views you have, the more money you make. And less bounce rate you will also get Google will start falling in love with your articles.

Click here to read more and see more testimonials of the ebook from famous bloggers. I Recommended you read more about the book here before purchasing it.

You SERIOUSLY need to read this ebook.

Keyword tool for SEO.

I use JAAXY it is the most affordable keyword tool you ever see in blogging and biz. It has all you need for keywords and SEO. its meant for you and me.So Easy to use, makes you ranks you high in Google thus mega organic traffic in your blog/biz.

So Easy to use, makes you ranks you high in Google thus mega organic traffic in your blog/biz.

Before I used google keyword planner which is free and I never even ranked for any keyword with them on page 1 of Google. (what a waste of time) 

So I highly recommend Jaaxy keyword tool. You sign here and get 30 keyword searches for free.

Top Affiliates any niche Blogger can join

If you want to make money on your blog, you can join the following affiliates and start earning money now. (click to sign up). Easy sign-up process accept even newbie bloggers

There are tons of products that you can promote on your blog and get paid for it if someone buys or signs up for the company. 

These are some of the Recommended Blogging Resources; I highly encourage you to start using.
I will be adding more as time goes by updating any changes on the way.

Monetize your blog seriously.

Is your blog making money yet? Leave advertisements alone! Read this if you want to take your blog to the next level.

Here is my story- When I started blogging, I made one mistake that I would never want anyone to make. I only monetized my blog through google ads.

I told myself that it I will catch up later. Little did I know you can make more $100 -$1000s even in a day just with affiliates marketing. 

The earlier you start, the better! But later on, I decided to try and see what other ways I can use to monetize my blog through affiliate marketing.

So I started investigating how to go about it and implemented what I had researched. So two months later after my incorporating my tips learnt about affiliates marketing from the internet and even placed the affiliate links.

No happy results yet. I even drove my audience away (traffic went down).  I got frustrated wondering how all these other blogs are making $1000s monthly/daily their blog income always made me know there was still hope. 

I Had to do something research more in depth.

Fast forward last month during Ester holiday time I came across a blogger who gave me what have been missing guidance in making money through affiliate marketing. She introduced me to this course.

This course changed my blogging life since then it has everything you ever looked for on the internet to make money. The course even comes with coaching lessons every month for lifetime. And mastermind Facebook group with pro bloggers on it hmmm. You must be curious how much have made so far if interested ask me in comments.

This course has helped me understand step-by-step affiliate marketing strategies, shown me show to increase my affiliate income and make more money blogging.

Also, has a bonus of how to increase your page views. Pinterst strategies to use. I can go on and on about it. That’s Because I LOVE IT this is the best investment I ever made.

Now I’m among ‘them’ and working towards to earn more. 

If you’re not earning money through affiliate marketing, then you are leaving money on the table. 

To Check more details and See testimonials click HERE 

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