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When we talk about must have items in your purse. They are more of like a survival kit that every woman should have in their purse in case of emergency. They are indeed life-saving Most of these items are easy to blush off but what you don't know is when they gonna come in handy it would be best always to have them ready.

The ultimate list of Must Have Items in Your Purse


 1.Pepper spray

This is optional since its self-defense weapon. Mostly comes in handy when bad guys try to attack maybe snatch your bag. It's quick and easy to use. Some other people prefer to carry salt instead which ever you prefer it's your choice.

2.Tampon / pads

You never know when you might need one. Sometimes Aa woman's cycle changes due to different factors. To be on the safe side, You rather you carry one. You never know you save another woman in the same situation

3.Band-aids Or plaster

Comes in handy when you get a cut, or when your shoes suddenly happen to leave a sore particularly at the back when wearing heels.
Moreover, can even save your from the pain of brand new shoes


I never miss painkillers like paracetamol in my purse. Headaches sometimes pop in when least expected. 

5.Hand sanitizer.

To maintain good hygiene hand sanitizer should always be at a close reach especially when outside the house with all the bugs floating around, better be safe.

6.Safety pins

A seam can pop at any time in the office or town, and safety pins can save you the embarrassment.

7.A small whistle

In cases where you end up in danger. One may end up tensed and thus can't scream.Therefore the use of a whistle can save you that moment. For one it's loud and brings attention quickly.

8.Emergency Contact list.

Make sure you have a list of like three close family member phones numbers in your diary or notebook. The reason is in a case of an emergency situation they may be used to alert a family member.

Must have items in your purseRecap of must have items in your purse

  • pepper spray
  • tampoons /pad
  • sanitizer
  • Band-aid/Plaster
  • small whistle
  • contact emergency list
  • safety pins
  • paracetamols

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