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How to boost self confidence with five simple steps. Self-confidence is how we feel about our ability to perform roles, tasks, and functions. From what I know is that we are all born with self-confidence to some level. However, this changes as we grow up.That can change for better or worse.

So how does our self-confidence level change as we grow older? Many factors can cause this change just to give an example here.

The people we mingle with every day, live with, the surroundings we are in, situations, and circumstances. These factors have very much influence on self-confidence. For instance, if you grew up with a sister or brother who always inspired negativity to you, how does that affect your self-confidence as you grow older?

Think about that as an example. Or you have friends from younger age who always bullied you, and you can't do this, and that. So what we know is that self-confidence can be influenced by many things; what we hear. Who we live with, and also whom we associate with. Having a strong self-perception is a paramount aspect of life.

How to boost self confidence 

In this post today I will give you simple, practical tips on how to boost self confidence, step and by the end reading you will be a different person. Be assured of that.

Dress comfortable

Did you know that what you wear matters not just to others but you also as an individual?
Have a look at what you wear, do you dress in comfortable outfits? If you're comfortable fine. If not then, please. Start by making a change of what you wear. Start dressing in clothes that make you feel good about yourself.

If you are confident with what you are wearing. There will be nothing to be fear about how you look or what people think. As you are comfortable. This will double the confidence you had before if you feel good then you get all psyched up, and confidence will kick in.

Start learning to face your fears

It's about time you take risks and face what you fear. Running away or procrastinating of your worries won't solve them, they will still be back at some point. Therefore, the best thing to do is you face them.

So how do you face your fears?

Start by writing down what your fear-list, what do you fear doing, going, or saying. Try facing them one by one by this I mean try to do what you fear. Don't be nervous of losing the more you keep trying, the more you will become wiser, and self-confidence will kick in immediately.So the point here is facing what you fear and if you fail to try again and again without giving up.

Stay away from negative thinkers, discouragers and bullies.

As I said, earlier have you ever known that the people you associate with mean a lot in your life? Whether friends or family, they play a big part of influence in your life. Look at it this way where do you seek opinions, where do compliments, come from, where do you ask for help from definitely from them.

case study

Let's take an example. You love singing and one day you would like to become a musician or may perform one day at karaoke night. So you have been practising at home and asking compliments from friends or family. What they think about your singing. All they tell you is can't sing. Singing is not for you.

That affects what you feel and discourages you from even trying again. You feel like quitting to try once more since they assured you with full negativity how bad you are in singing and you can't do it. So at one point, you give up because the very time you try and sing they give you disheartening words rather negative comments.

So think of it this way what if they told you differently but still honest opinion how would it be? What if comments were as follows instead of the above.

  • “I see you have a passion for singing, but you need to work on your voice when in high pitches”,
  • “You are trying may be the more you try and collect mistakes you will end up making the singing better”
  • “You sound ok but there few areas you need to work on”.

So the second part of comments has given you hope and more confidence that even if you are not doing great, you can be better if you do this and this. The if you lived with the second group of people the probability of you becoming a musician or performing in karaoke will be high and more likely to happen.

Unlike the first negative comments they put you down to the ground to the level, you can't even lift yourself but just give up. So replace the ‘singing' with one thing in your life and compare which people do you want to be associated with.

Start believing in yourself

“Believe you can, and you are half way there”. Have faith in your abilities. Start slowly replacing the ‘I can't do this' with' I can do this'. If you believe in yourself, Other people will believe in you also. One thing that makes us not believe we can't – is fear which brings doubt. This situation brings us down and makes us dull and not able to perform anything with self-confidence. So start believing you can do it and try and do it .we all starts some really.

Planning and preparation.  

In some aspects of life planning and preparation of things in advance is crucial. More so most effective. Let's say you have a job presentation that you are supposed to present tomorrow or within the week. To be able to do the presentation rightly you will need some extra self-confidence.

But how will you get the self-confidence in this particular position? Here is what you do. Plan and prepare, sit down a plan on how to go about the presentation then prepare it. Go through it step by step and at the end of planning and preparing, all the notes you need will be natural. So you will already be familiar with what to expect tomorrow and what to present too.

If you had already gone through the presentation, then they will just flow automatically. You will have more self-confidence in the presentation. So in general terms what I mean is you a have to plan or prepare the next thing that is coming up, so you did not freak out the last minute.

If it's a job interview go through the questions asked at a job, interview on the internet and is familiar with them .that way when you are ready self-confidence just kicks in to stay with you. 

SUMMARY; How to boost self confidence level.

  • Dress comfortably
  • start learning how to face your fears
  • stay away from negative thinkers and bullies.
  • start believing in yourself
  • plan and preparation

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