how to be a happier person

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Wondering how to be a happier person? Always have this in mind you’re responsible for your own happiness. You can either decide you want to be a happier person or ever grumpy person.

How to be a happier person can be contributed by things you say and do. So what if you made a choice and change your world by practising good habits that can create a happy you.

So lets checks on 6 things that will answer your question how to be a happier person.

How to be a happier person


1.Always go to bed in a happy mood.

When you go to bed in a bad mood, few things tend to happen. One of them is you might end having disturbing dreams from your last thoughts.

Or you tend to wake up in the same mood you slept with last night and more so an exhausted mind.

What usually happens is anytime you are down or in a bad mood you brain usually stress out especially if we sleep with unhappy thoughts.

In case you find yourself in this situation of a bad mood just before you go to bed. You can try a few distractions tricks try to occupy your mind.

For instance, by watching a movie, listen to calm music, read a book, call a friend, or check out your favourite social media.

These distractions can help in changing your moods to better. Thus you will end up sleeping in a better mood and wake up a normal happier person.

2.Stop over expecting from others.

Setting higher expectations for others can result to frustrations. As people may tend to fail us and we end up feeling disappointed.

Sometimes we do this subconsciously we obviously expect so and so will definitely do this and that for you. It’s never guaranteed so why risk your happiness state by setting higher expectations.

Just know people can fail you set average expectations and you will always be a happier person than others as you ready and not expecting a lot from people.

3.Start practising how to go to bed early.

Going to bed early has tons of benefits. You get enough rest and wake up energised, enthusiastic which is definitely happy mood. a happy person will have a productive day.

Late night sleep makes one wake up feeling drained and exhausted. Which results in a  sluggish and grumpy attitude keep hitting the snooze button then ahh late at work, you already missed breakfast.

Suddenly all you have is an unproductive day.No one is happy with the unproductive day.

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4.Learn to take a break from the world.

Either your work at home or in an office. It ‘s nice to take a break or day off and have some time of normal routine.Take some time to wind up and chill.

Be by yourself or with someone who makes you happy wind-up and chill. Tick off some of your bucket lists. Do what you love doing most.

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5.Practice kindness constantly 

how to be a happier personHelping others is not only makes others feel good but same feeling usually reciprocates. Seeing someone happy because of something you did or helped them makes us feel good and happy.

As they are no longer in trouble, they were before. Sometimes people need just a few minutes of your time and giving them that means a lot to them.

You can practice kindness by different way for instance; spare them some time for someone needing help, listening to them more, etc

6.Learn to appreciate what you have & who you are.

Never compare yourself with others, these comparisons can create anger, jealousy traits, which is unhealthy for us as these are traits of unhappiness.

These unappreciation times lowers our self-confidence too.

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But if you learn to appreciate the little you have and who are your life will change instantly as you will always be a happy person only filled with positive thoughts

Work smart to get what you want instead of wasting time with comparing and regretting what you don’t have.

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