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Getting Facebook page likes can be hard at times but by the end of this post.I will have shared with you two tricks to get you Facebook page, likes and post shares too.

FACEBOOK PAGE LIKESI love sharing what I know; sharing is caring. Have discovered this NEW method of getting how to add Facebook page likes. I would request you read all way through this post to understand better how it works.I have used this method already so am talking about an experience. I'm sure about it thus why am sharing with confidence.

How to Get Facebook likes on your Page.

OK, you have invited almost every friend you have on Facebook to like your page, and you have exhausted them, right? Even though some never accepted the invite, frustrating right? Let me ask you how many Facebook invites do you ignore after being invited? So just know people are complicated some will accept others are not interested. 

So let's deal with it NOW. By now you know paying Facebook ADS to get more Facebook page likes is super expensive.However, you still need Facebook page likes/ follow whatever, you call them.

How Do You Go About It?

  • Upload a picture on your Facebook page; tip- the image should be relevant to your area of the Facebook page.
  • Add a short link that you want to be promoted as well alongside the picture then post it. 
  • You will see a Facebook option under the post was written Boost post.
  • Select Boost the post.
  • In the boosting area, there will be many options choose what you can afford.

Then get on with your other tasks.Later on, come and check how the post is doing, You will be shocked seeing the amounts of likes the boosted post is getting. That’s not all people will be sharing the post with others different areas in social media.

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When I compare that (boosting a post) to paying for advertisement, for likes/ follow for Facebook, page. This one is far much better, particularly with all these changes in an algorithm with Facebook pages how to appear in the newsfeed and so on.

What’s Next Now? You have the likes that you targeted, and some usually go ahead, and like the page, others have a post shared, clicks on the link posted you got all that now.

Facebook page screenshot of thoughts above blog showings post likes and post shares.

Facebook page shows post likes and posts shares after I boosted the post.What follows is the fundamental point of this post. NB; This method I’m about to explain below might NOT work in all Facebook accounts since it’s not an official method yet!

Facebook is just experimenting the concept. I understand it may be available to some and not all Facebook accounts. I suggest a computer instead of mobile Apps do this. You have the boosting the page how do you turn likes to fans

So what's the trick to increase the Facebook page likes?

  • Go to your Facebook page in the post that you Boosted. 
  • Click on the who engaged with that post (that is the people who liked that particular post).
  • You should be able to see two types of button
  1. Invite 
  2. Liked

 How to get Facebook page likes

How to get Facebook page likes.

The invite button is the new hidden feature on testing that where the trick lies.That means they liked the post, but they haven’t liked your page.

The Liked button Is for your fans who have already the page and the post too through standard, realised news feed. Next step is to click invite button, and send invites to all those showing invite button sign.

In every situation, there is a challenge; The new button has a limitation of the number of people you can send the invites too. I'm not certain on the maximum of the number of invites. But I would advise you invite max of 500 people per session or day.How will you know you have hit the maximum limit. Facebook will warn you once you over do it.

Please, do it a day later or two, you don’t want your account locked down by Facebook. A realised that the button sometimes appears and other times it doesn’t but keep checking and get it in action.

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