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Gift giving sounds like it's easy because you buy something and give it to someone. However, it's not that simple because so many times you're spending your money on gifts that no one wants.

When it comes to your best friend, you would think that you knew exactly what she wanted. However, maybe her style has changed, needs have changed, or she just has everything?

Don't give up because you can find the perfect gift ideas that your best friend actually wants using our gift guide. Let's have a look at best friend gifts, shall we?

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Best friend gifts Ideas Your Friend will Actually make use of.This article has really helped me in deciding what gift ideas for a best friend to get.  So if you are looking for thoughtful gift ideas for your best friend this Christmas, then this post has all the answers.  Gift ideas for freinds|personalized| Inexpensive Christmas gifts for friends.|best friend gifts

1. Best Friends Key Chain

Who wouldn't want to flaunt their best friendship status with this silver plated best friend charm on a heart-shaped key chain? It comes ready to gift in a jewelry pouch and inscribed with the saying: “Not sisters by blood but sister by heart.” 

Let your best friend know how you feel by grabbing this Best Friends Key Chain 

2. Premium Cuff Bangle Bracelet

If jewelry is your best friend's style, then think about giving her a gift that will mean a lot and go with almost everything in her wardrobe. This high quality stainless steel bangle bracelet won't rust or break. Laser etched with the beautiful phrase: “A true friendship is a journey without an end.”

Buy the Premium Stainless Steel Cuff Bangle Bracelet here 

If you want to fully customize your bangle bracelet, you can pick your bangle color and phrase when you purchase this Inspirational Cuff Band 

3. Bluetooth Key Finder

For your tech savvy best friend, you can't go wrong helping her find her lost keys, purse, or wallet with the Bluetooth Key Finder. A GPS locator tile that can be attached to most anything with the key ring or the adhesive sticker included. Keep track of your belongings using the smartphone app compatible with iOS devices 8.0 and higher as well as Android devices 4.3 or higher.

Buy the Bluetooth Key Finder 

4. The Desire Map Planner

We've all got that best friend who is planner crazy! Because she probably already has a million planner stickers, markers, pens, and washi tape you should splurge and get her a high quality inspirational day planner. Complete with an inspirational cover and inner pages that help you keep track of your day-to-day life in a way that pushes you forward and gets you where you want to be. It's more of a personal journey record keeper to help your best friend be her best self!

You can get The Desire Map Planner here 

5.UrbanEars Wireless Headphones.

There are so many reasons to own a good set of wireless headphones. They're great for your daily exercise, cleaning, working at your desk, or to keep your Netflix binge watching uninterrupted when you're on your tablet. With UrbanEars wireless headphones you can take calls, plug in an additional set of headphones to share your listening experience, and use up to 14 hours of play time on a single charge.

Gift your best friend a pair of UrbanEars Wireless On-Ear Headphones in Amethyst Purple 

6.Why You're My Bestie Fill in the Love Journal

A complete silly from the heart gift is this Fill in the Love Journal full of pages to tell your best friend why she's the best! It's a cute gift that can showcase your friendship in an entire journal dedicated to hilarious memories, phrases, and fill-in-the-blank descriptions of your friend.

Keep your bestie laughing by getting her a Knock Knock Why You're My Bestie Fill in the Love Journal | $10.08

7. Moodycards

Does your best friend ever complain about how boring their desk job is day-to-day? Give her a gift that can spice up the workspace and keep her laughing without the fear of losing her job. This flip book is full of over 30 messages to greet her customers or coworkers when they approach her desk. It's a great way to let everyone know what you're up to or how you're feeling for the day. On days where the flip book just doesn't get how you're feeling, use the dry erase marker to create your own!

Get your Moodycards funny office gift here 

8. Rogue River Funny Coffee Mug

Perfect for the coffee loving best friend! A simple white coffee mug that is perfect for any occasion. The mug's simple style makes it gender neutral, and it would pair great with coffee, hot tea, or whatever your friend's favorite beverage might be. Get a few laughs with the black lettered design that reads: “My favorite co-worker is the coffee maker.”

Buy the Rogue River Funny Coffee Mug 

9. Essential Oil Diffuser by Smiley Daisy

A gift that your best friend didn't know she wanted or one she did if she already loves essential oils. Get the tranquil feeling of relaxation at a spa in the comfort of your own home thanks to this little diffuser. Designed to fit seamlessly into your space this gift set even comes with Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, and Sweet Orange essential oils. The best part is the diffuse can be used as a cool mist humidifer to keep your skin from drying out when the air in your home lacks moisture.

Grab this Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set 

10. Facial Cleansing Brush

Keep your best friend looking good by upping her skincare routine with the FOREO LUNA mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush. Adjustable for any skin type the 3-zone brush and 8 intensities keep your skin feeling cleaner, looking healthier, and smoother than ever before. It's perfect for reducing your visible pores, removing blackheads, and scrubbing away dead skin.

Buy the FOREO LUNA mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush here 

11. Portable Photo Printer

When you're with your best friend, you're usually snapping a ton of selfies. Instead of texting them to each other or uploading them to social media, kick it old school by instantly printing your favorite poses. This HP portable photo printer is the perfect gift for a friend that loves to take photos. Using the HP Sprocket app you can print 2×3 photos on sticky backed paper and they're ready to go up wherever you want to display them.

Your best friend will thank you for buying her the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer 

12. Bath Bomb Gift Set

For the best friend who loves to relax in a hot bath, this gift set of bath bombs is a winner. It comes in a nice gift box with six different bath bomb options: RELAXATION (Lavender) , DETOX (Vanilla) , ENERGIZE (Grapefruit), DE-STRESS, SINUS (Peppermint), CONGESTION RELIEF (Eucalyptus). These bath bombs are perfect for moisturized skin and feeling rejuvenated after a long day.

Get your Bath Bomb Gift Set here 

13. Ghost Tabletop Firepit

Add some ambiance to your friend's space with this unique Ghost Tabletop Firepit that is safe for use indoors and outside. The clear glass design allows for you to watch the flame without the fire being fully exposed. You use ethanol to burn in this firepit and with only a little bit of fuel it can burn for a couple of hours making this very affordable to keep operational. 

Add the Ghost Tabletop Firepit to your cart now 

14. Women's Cozy Suede Memory Foam House Slippers

In theme with keeping your best friend cozy, these memory foam house slippers are the perfect gift! They're furry, neutral colored, and ready to wear straight out of the box. These slippers are slip resistant and have a soft, waterproof sole. A great way for your friend to keep her feet warm and still look cute during the winter. 

Buy the Women's Cozy Suede Memory Foam House Slippers here 

15. Vlando Viaggio Small Jewelry Case

One of the best practical gifts on the list is this small jewelry case that has three separate compartments with a velvet liner. It's perfect for keeping your jewelry separated and together that the same time. The case rolls into a compact travel accessory that you can take with you anywhere. No more lost or tangled jewelry!

Get the Vlando Viaggio Small Jewelry Case now 

Hopefully, you found the perfect gift for your best friend with this shopping gift guide full of great suggestions. what did you find interesting?

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