If you are struggling with bedtime routine then read this post it explains night routine for women that it also reveals how to have to a #productiveday. My days are now better #productive day plan| productive day ideas |productive routine. #selfimprovement #productivitytips #selfcare

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In my experience, the best way to ensure a super-productive day is to set myself up for one the night before. Having a nightly routine is a must to make that happen.

I was inspired to write this post to share my nightly routine with you so you can set yourself up for a super productive day too. 

These nightly routines and activities will help you prepare and get in the right mind frame so you can start the day running.

You will you become a better, more productive version of you both at work and at home. Having a productive day creates a happy, fulfilled, and well-balanced life.

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So, stay focused on these 5 nightly routines and take action!

Quick tidy up

Set aside approximately 10-20 minutes each evening to quickly tidy up around the house.


  • You will no longer need to spend hours of your precious time on the weekends to tidy up and clean the house.
  • By leaving things lying around, it creates potential distractions and loss of focus in the morning.
  • Waking up and getting ready for work in a messy house can keep you from finding the things you need quickly.
Quick Actionable Tasks
  • Fold laundry and put it away.
  • In the kitchen, either load and unload the dishwasher, or wash your dishes after every meal.
  • Try to put everything back in its place; magazines, books, etc.

If you continually lose items, like your keys or your phone, try using this cool device that helps you track down your precious items, so you’ll never lose them again.

Start tidying up every evening for 10-20 minutes, so the house is beautifully clean when you awake, and you can focus on what matters most in the morning.

Prepare for the Next Morning.

Prepare everything you’ll need the next day, so you don’t have to do it in the morning when you may be in a rush to get to work. What if you woke up late?

Key items to prepare each night.  

Lay out tomorrow’s outfit, so it’s ready in the morning. This saves you the hassle of wasting time deciding what to wear.

Pack snacks to take with you to work. And if you have no idea what kind of snacks will keep you energized during the day, here are few recommendations –

  • Healthy Snacks is collection of 30 individually wrapped single-serve snacks. Which are also full of a flavorful mix of nutritious. check the price here  

  • Or you can try graze.com snack subscription. Where they will send you a well-packaged snack every week.

Choose the type of snacks you prefer so you can keep your body energized.

See, setting even basic things out the night before is a time-saver, and sets you for a more productive day tomorrow.

Focus on your 3s (threes).

I like calling them the 3s because that's exactly what they should be–just 3. So, what are the 3s? These are the 3 must-do and most-important tasks you need to accomplish the next day.

The idea, basically, is that no matter what else you do tomorrow, these are the things you want to make sure you get done.

If you are struggling with bedtime routine then read this post it explains night routine for women that it also reveals how to have to a #productiveday. My days are now better #productive day plan| productive day ideas |productive routine. #selfimprovement #productivitytips #selfcare

Why set your threes at night?

You will be able to tackle the priorities first, rather than starting with what’s easiest.

  • It helps you overcome feelings of being overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start when there’s so much to do in a day.
  • It will act as the guiding light of your day.
  • It will help you stay organized, to get things done, and achieve your goals quicker.
How to set up your 3s?
  • Ask yourself: What are the three most-important things that will make the biggest difference in your life.
  • What task will make you feel like you have accomplished something huge?

Those things are now your 3s, so make sure you set those during your evening routine.

Unplug from the world.

If you are struggling with bedtime routine then read this post it explains night routine for women that it also reveals how to have to a #productiveday. My days are now better #productive day plan| productive day ideas |productive routine. #selfimprovement #productivitytips #selfcare

Let's be honest. Unplugging is hard. Ok, just in case you are wondering—being unplugged is to be disconnected from the world and electronic gadgets.

It's obvious; we are all overly attached to our technology. We keep checking our phones every time we hear a notification; we don’t want to miss out on anything. It’s a habit. A terrible habit.

Do you know what Charles Duhigg said? He said, “The best way to change an old habit is to introduce new habits to inhibit the old habit.”

That means if you want to learn how to unplug without feeling guilty, introduce a new habit to replace the old habit. Unplug from everything–laptop, TV, phone. Be screen-free each night before bed.

When I first started this, it was challenging. But I was persistent, and now it’s just my usual routine.

This is what I do.
  • I turn my phone to silent mode, then keep it away from my bed and beyond my reach.
  • I invested in a good alarm clock. No more using my phone as an alarm clock. This way I avoid the temptation.
  • I replaced that screen time with time drinking something calming like chamomile tea.
  • I replaced my bedroom light bulbs with this dim lamp shade, which saves electricity costs as it is a low energy bulb.

Practice proper sleep hygiene.

If you are struggling with bedtime routine then read this post it explains night routine for women that it also reveals how to have to a #productiveday. My days are now better #productive day plan| productive day ideas |productive routine. #selfimprovement #productivitytips #selfcare

If you’re a night owl or if you’re focusing on distractions and things to do, and it keeps you awake at night, it’s about time you replace those habits.

Key reasons you should get to bed early. 
  • You will be less stressed in the morning, and won’t need to rush to get ready.
  • You will have a few spare minutes to do a load of laundry.
  • You will not miss breakfast.
  • You will set yourself up to have a more productive, organized day.
  • You will be on time, and get things done on time.
Steps I take to ensure I go to bed early. 
  • I go to bed at the same designated time every night. I use an alarm to alert me 30 minutes before bedtime, so I’m not caught off guard.
  • I stick to my evening routine.
  • I stay away from caffeinated beverages, and instead, I drink warm drinks, like this type of tea. This tea is an excellent choice because it has a calming and relaxing effect.

Let agree that creating the habit of going to bed early will have a major impact in your life—a big change. If I were you, I would take it seriously, and work on it.

You have seen 5 simple, nightly routines. Now, it's up to you to choose which routines you want to incorporate. Is it preparing for the next morning? Identifying your 3s? Tidying up? Or maybe starting a new unplugging routine?

In one way or another, this specific nightly routine will help you to have a more productive day. Stay productive!

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