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Daily habits list can vary from one individual to another. That depends on what we do in our every day to day life.

So I came up with a ten daily habit list that would fit for you. You might be doing some of them actually.And be missing some which are really important in life.

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1.Always wake up early every day. 

Among all the daily habit list you will see below you should make this a priority. Why? Having a good morning routine always helps set up the framework for the rest of the effectively.

Learn to obey your alarm. Having a good morning routine always helps set up the framework for the rest of the effectively. Learn to obey your alarm. Learn to obey your alarm.

2.Never miss breakfast.

I have come to realise taking breakfast skipping breakfast can become a routine. I know I’m not the only who feels lazy sometimes to take breakfast. And make breakfast a less priority especially a busy morning. I create excuses like I will take breakfast come tea time break.

What I didn’t know was how important breakfast was and how it can make a difference in your day. So, I had to add breakfast to my daily habit list.

3.Listen/Read Motivational/ Inspirational Material Every Day.

Make it a habit to get motivated inspired every day. Doing this refills back positive energy to you which you need every day.

There are different ways you can get inspired or motivated, for example, check the list below.

  • You can listen to the podcast while driving to work or taking a morning run. 
  • Listen to the audio cd while driving or while at work free times like lunch break.
  • Read quotes as an alternative even if it’s just 0ne quote day.

4.Eat A Fruit Every Day.

I know almost 90% of people ignore this statement.And people tend to take it for granted,

And people tend to take it for granted. When was the last time you had a fruit? Some nutrients we need can only and easily be found on fruits. 

5.Drinking Water

Drinking water should be a part, of daily habits list. It’s a bit challenging to keep going to take water the office, But I have come up with a solution, for you.

Buy a one-litre decent bottle and always take with you. Anyone can do this so don’t say oh this is a women thing. NO! Even men do carry water bottles.

Alternatively, you can drink water in a systematic, disciplined way like you take a glass in the morning, mid lunch afternoon, and at night before you go to bed. Whichever method works for you go for it and get hydrated.

BONUS TIP.-Add flavours to water like strawberry, lemon this will motivate you to take other than plain water which can be a challenge to some.

6. Create Time For Someone.

how to change your life, daily routine, daily habits, habits of successful people, Make life better, Sunday activities for adults, improve your life,No matter how busy your day is usually, I repeat never let work. Drive your social life away. Always spare a minute to say hello to someone.

This person can be your loved one, best friend, or even a family member. Reply that email, text, call back a missed call. Let this be an essential daily habit list in your day.

You need a social life. Otherwise; people will think you are too busy even for them. And will start also ignoring you and what happen is you become a loner. And will start also ignoring you and what happen is you become a loner.

7.Take Time To Meditate.

Every night for like 10 minutes and highlight tomorrow’s to-do list. What are tomorrow’s goals, how is it going to be what do you want to achieve or intend to do?

With a proper plan, you will maximise the productivity of the day. Nothing feels good as waking up with scheduled day other than doing things randomly.

8. Check out Social Media Life.

Like Facebook, Twitter, your favourite blog like this one, favourite Facebook groups. This is one way of catching up with the world, read news and updates too.

It’s also a form of relaxing to some.

9.Add workout or exercise in Your Daily Habits list.

In your daily habit list, exercise should be like a fixed routine for you. You can train at home or gym.

Remember exercise is for health and fitness. Not just loosing weight  Everyone should create time to exercise.one can take a run, walk whichever way fits you. 

 10. Pray and Read the Bible.

If your daily habits list has no pray and reads the Bible, then it is incomplete. Prayer is a lifestyle, not an emergency exit.

Let prayers are part of you. Sometimes we make mistakes of only praying when we have an emergency or problems.Which is wrong and selfish of us, Make it daily habits list.

Read the bible to feed your soul and get the guidance of way of living and best, way to be close to  GOD. Bonus tipAlways go bed early so to have enough sleep to Wake up fresh.

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